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S1 Lifer Helmets – Instock Color List (January 2014)


S1 Lifer Helmets
The safest skate helmets are now available in the following colors:

Black Matte W/ Green Straps $49.99
Navy Matte $49.99
Cyan Matte $49.99
Maroon Matte $49.99
Metallic Gold $49.99
Kelly Green Matte $49.99
Orange Matte $49.99
Hot Pink Matte $49.99
Purple Matte $49.99

S1 Lifer Helmet Collabs:
Eddie “El Gato” Elguera $54.99
Krooked Skateboards $60
Skate House Watermelon $60
Misfits $54.99
Cult $54.99

S1 Skate Helmets Sizing Chart

We get emails from customers frequently asking about helmet sizing.
Here is a sizing chart for the S1 Kid Helmet and the S1 Lifer Helmet.


This little guy is 2.5 years old and he wears an X-Small S1 Kid Helmet.


This big guy here (Adam Effertz) is 39 years old and he wears a Large S1 Lifer Helmet.


The S1 Kid Helmet and the S1 Lifer Helmet are multi-impact certified and high impact certified. They are the safest and best fitting skate helmets on the market today.

Ask your local skateshop about S1 Helmets or buy them from the S1 Store.

Question about the S1 Lifer Helmet from Skate Legend Adrian Demain

Background Info: Adrian has been wearing a soft foam non-certified skate helmet since the 70′s. He recently switched to wearing the S1 Lifer Helmet because he wanted to protect his noggin better. (Adrian Demain was a pro for Powell Peralta back in the 80′s and still rips today. Natural talent.) I thought I would share this email thread because I bet there are other skaters wondering the same thing.

Adrian Demain: I’ve been skating at Bucky’s a bit so I thought it wise to make the switch to the S1 Lifer Helmet. Speaking of which, I have a question about the Lifer helmet. From what I understand, the foam is designed to withstand one really good impact and that once that happens you’re supposed to replace your helmet because the foam will no longer fully absorb an impact. Now I’d imagine that it would really take a major blow to the head for the foam to be compromised. Just curious, whatever the case I feel safer in the Lifer.

Chris from S1: Good question. In a nutshell the Lifer Helmet has EPS Fusion Foam. It can take 3 hits at 10 mph to the same spot and protect you. And it can take 1 hit of 14 mph and protect you. And it can take 4 hits at 14 mph to different spots on the helmet and protect you. Interesting to note that a soft foam helmet will not protect you adaquately from a 10 mph impact. And a 14 mph impact in a soft foam helmet can been fatal or cause TBI. So your way better off in the Lifer. Even a Lifer that has seen a few hits is waaay safer than a brand new soft foam. So stoked you are wearing the Lifer. This chart sort of sums it up.(see below)

Adrian Demain: WOW!!! I’ve always been an advocate for safety gear, but had no real grasp of how much less the soft foam protected you. Now I’ve got even better info to share with the kids….AND the old dudes!

This chart explains the difference between the soft foam non-certfiied helmets and the S1 Lifer Helmet.

This video explains things also.

S1 Lifer Helmet – Adam “Scizzors” Effertz

“I only wear the S1 Lifer Helmet. Lightweight. Comfortable. Fits well. But most importantly you can still know who you are and where you are after smacking your head in it. By far the best helmet out there.” - Adam Effertz


S1 Lifer Helmet
Color: Black Matte w/ Green Straps
Specs: Certified Multi Impact (ASTM) , Certified High Impact (CPSC)
MSRP: $49.99