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Roller Derby Videos

S1 Helmets Roller Derby – Part of My Uniform Series “Hit a B#%&*” – Scald Eagle

Scald Eagle from Rose City talks about why she likes Roller Derby.

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Stef Mainey / London Rollergirls

Stef Mainey from the London Rollergirls talks about why she plays Roller Derby and what her uniform means to her… Cool stuff!

Stef Mainey -Part of My Uniform “Blood Sweat Tears”

Stef Mainey -Part of My Uniform “The Reason”

The Best Roller Derby Helmet

The S1 Lifer Helmet is ASTM multiple impact certified and CPSC high impact certified.

The Best Skate Helmet will be available in tons of colors

The S1 Lifer Helmet fits great and it is fully certified to protect your head from multiple impacts and single high impacts. The Lifer is the safest and best fitting helmet for skateboarding, longboarding, BMX and roller derby.

Multiple Impact Test

We went into the Testing LAB to find out which helmets are really “Multiple Impact”