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Roller Derby Testimonials

S1 Lifer Helmet / Testimonial / Cris Dobbins / ACDG


“I’ve always worn S1 helmets and in 5 plus years of playing roller derby I have hit my head HARD countless times and I have never had a concussion.
Whenever I wear my S1 helmet know I’m 100% protected so I can give 110% on the track.” – Cris Dobbins / ACDG

S1 Lifer Helmet / Roller Derby / Testimonial / Sin City

renee-just best-roller-derby-helmet

Dear S1,

Happy Sunday! I’m able to contact you coherently at this moment because of your amazing product. Your informative marketing during recent WFTDA broadcast games lead me to purchasing your S1 Lifer Helmet>. Since it’s off season I did not use the product until scrimmage this morning. During which, with a low block I was taken down harder than I’ve ever fallen in derby. I fell so hard that I snapped my wrist guard breaking my fall backward, my head followed. With the protection of your product, I was able to get up and walk away from the fall with mild discomfort. This was the first time I used your product and I won’t use another, ever.

I understand the fall isn’t S1′s fault but wanted to reach out to let you know I am so thankful to have found your product and that it lived up to its name the first time.

Domme Juan

Renee Just
Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls

Photos: Jack Agopian

Rose City Rollers / S1 Lifer Helmets

Heidi Go Seek- The Lifer fits super good. It breathes really well.

Havana Good Time- I love how light it is and how it sits on my head. It doesn’t slide down my face like the Triple 8 helmet did.

Roarshock Tess- I like the fit a lot and I really like the way the helmets are constructed, and how they are made to sustain multiple impacts.

French Tickler- I love the color! I haven’t noticed any scuff either. I also love how snug the helmet is and that the padding has lasted well. So often the padding breaks down really quickly and then doesn’t fit properly. I like that the straps are easily adjustable too. Thank you S-One!!

Yoga Nabi Sari– Finally a helmet that fits correctly! My helmet doesn’t slide around no matter how many huge hits I take. I also love that S-One customized a color just for Rose City.

Chargin’ Tina


“I love my S1 lifer helmet! It doesn’t sit too high and the different padding sizes makes it feel like it was custom-made for me” – Chargin ‘ Tina


Stefcon 1


“I’m no helmet expert so I have not tried every brand or type of head protection on the market.  I’m just a roller derby player who appreciates a company that respects my sport enough watch our games and determine that their product would work for us.  S-One Helmet Co. saw that roller derby (flat or banked track) is a real full contact sport where head injuries can occur.  They worked with our community, educating us about head concussions, and how to properly wear a helmet.  S-One helmets also look great (available in many colors and designs) plus are very comfortable and customizable with various padding sizes.

A derby skater should be in a helmet that can take multiple impacts like the S-One Lifer helmet.  I don’t like how other hard form helmets sit too high up on my head (Hello, Forehead!) — the S-One Lifer doesn’t do that.  I’ve had my Lifer for a few seasons now and I still feel as safe as I did the first day I got it.”

L.A. Derby Dolls
- The L.A. Ri-Ettes
- The Tough Cookies