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CIB x S1 Helmets | Carving and Airs

CIB  X S1 Helmets new web series Tricks in Bowls!
PART TWO: The basics of airs and carving a bowl!

Stay tuned for a collection of tutorials that teach you how to take on the transitions of ramps and bowls on your quad rollerskates.
Each episode will feature tips and break down your favorite moves on eight wheels! Covering everything from the very beginner to badass, we can’t wait to show you what’s still to come.

Featuring footage of Chicks in Bowls Team: Fink, Bomba Hache, Lady Trample and Hermione Grinder

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S1 Helmets / Roller Derby / Windy City Rollers

Wow ! Windy City Rollers love their S1 Lifer Helmets so much they motivated and got super creative and made this awesome S1 Lifer Helmet Commercial. Unreal girls !!! Thank you !!!

And we want to wish the Windy City Rollers All Stars good luck at the WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs in Madison this weekend. S1 is a proud sponsor of the Windy City Rollers

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ACDG wears S1 Lifer Helmets


We took a new team photo of ACDG the other night. Big thanks to Cris Dobbins for balancing the colors in Photoshop.
ACDG wears S1 Lifer Helmets (which are certified to protect your brain from multiple impacts and high impacts).

Super proud to see ACDG wearing S1 Lifer Helmets. Alot of the girls were wearing soft foam helmets a few years ago and we educated the girls about how the S1 Lifer Helmet offers the best overall protection from multiple impacts and high impacts. The soft foam helmets are marketed as “multiple impact” but they don’t even come close to passing the ASTM Multiple Impact test. Scary! We feel great knowing that ACDG are now wearing the safest helmets possible for Roller Derby.

Wanna watch a soft foam helmet FAIL the multiple impact test ? Watch the video below. There are still plenty of Derby girls wearing soft foam helmets and they have been lead to believe that their soft foam terry lined helmet is “multiple impact”… Knowledge is power ? Knowledge is safety! Sometimes you have to see it to believe it.