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The Safest Skate Helmet

A few years ago we stopped manufacturing the traditional soft foam skate helmets because they don’t pass ANY current helmet safety standards. The traditional soft foam skate helmets (from all helmet brands) fail the multi impact test and the the high impact test.
So we developed the S1 Lifer Helmet. The S1 Lifer Helmet is constructed with Fusion Foam and is 5x more impact protection than traditional soft foam skate helmets. The Lifer is certified multiple impact and certified high impact.
Our whole cause over the last 4 years has been to get skaters into better and safer helmets. We only manufacture & sell helmets that we can 100% recommend to team riders, family and friends. The S1 Lifer Helmet is the safest skate helmet on the market.

Ghetto Fabu-Lez / S1 Pro Knee Pads / Video

“I’ve been wearing S1 Knee Pads since the beginning. They are amazing. I have never had to think about my knee pads because they are so good and they hold up so long and I never have any pain in my knees – it doesn’t hurt when I fall. It is almost like I don’t even to think about them because they are just a seamless part of my body. I love S1 Knee pads and they are better than anything I have ever worn.”

Ghetto Fabu-Lez jammer for the Angel City Derby Girls Hollywood Scarlets

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S1 Lifer Visor Helmet

This is the totally redesigned Lifer Visor Helmet. This helmet features our patented “Cover Catcher”, in mold mounting hardware and is both multiple impact and high impact certified. The Visor can now be taken on and off and replaced if needed.  Patent # 62/375.861
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