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Apple City Roller Derby loves S1 Helmets

Apple City Roller Derby wear the S1 Lifer Helmet. The S1 Lifer Helmet is the safest helmet for roller derby. And it fits awesome!


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S1 Lifer Helmets – Instock Color List (January 2014)


S1 Lifer Helmets
The safest skate helmets are now available in the following colors:

Black Matte W/ Green Straps $49.99
Navy Matte $49.99
Cyan Matte $49.99
Maroon Matte $49.99
Metallic Gold $49.99
Kelly Green Matte $49.99
Orange Matte $49.99
Hot Pink Matte $49.99
Purple Matte $49.99

S1 Lifer Helmet Collabs:
Eddie “El Gato” Elguera $54.99
Krooked Skateboards $60
Skate House Watermelon $60
Misfits $54.99
Cult $54.99

Domme Juan / S1 Lifer Helmet


A few years ago we noticed that alot of the Roller Derby teams were wearing the non-certified soft foam helmets. This concerned us and we launched a campaign to get Roller Derby Teams into safer helmets like the S1 Lifer Helmet. The S1 Lifer Helmet protects the brain up to 5x more than the soft foam non-certified helmets. The S1 Lifer Helmet is certified multiple impact and certified single high impact. The Lifer Helmet offers the best overall head protection for Roller Derby. And it fits awesome too!


S1 Lifer Helmet
Fits Head Sizes: 21″ – 23.5″
• Certified Multi Impact
• Certified High Impact
MSRP: $49.99

Ask your favorite Roller Derby Shop to carry the S1 Lifer Helmet or buy one from the S1 Helmet Store.

DERBY LITE_, LLC and S1 Helmet Co. Announce Exclusive Fitness Skating Partnership

“I couldn’t be happier to partner with S1 Helmet Co” says Barbara “Queen B” Dolan, President & Founder of Derby Lite, LLC.  “Their Lifer helmet is dual-certified and scientifically-tested to provide the highest possible impact protection available to skaters today.  They’re committed to testing, safety and on-going research for the roller skating and roller derby communities, and Derby Lite is proud of the work they do and the brain injuries their helmets prevent.”

“Derby Lite is an ideal match with S1 Helmet Co.” says Dan McCashin, Co-Founder of S1 Helmets.  “I am really excited to partner with Derby Lite so that we can offer all their participants with the safest and best-fitting helmets for Fitness Skating and roller derby.  Even though there is no contact in Derby Lite, falling at pack speeds or even slipping on your skates from a standing position and falling backwards can create enough force to cause a serious head injury. So whether you are competing at the highest level of full contact roller derby or just trying to get in shape, wearing a safe and well-fitting helmet is equally important.”

Click here to check out the Derby Lite website.