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S1 Helmets / Oscar and Miguel / Summerland

S1 Team members Oscar Gutierrez and Miguel Azanza traveled all of the way from Guadalajara, Mexico to Summerland, British Columbia for GHF this year. They skipped a day on the course to go explore other runs surrounding the lake and on the east side found some gems! Oscar wears the Lifer and Miguel wears the Mega Lifer Helmet to fit his particularly large dome. Buy a Lifer Here

S1 Lifer Helmet x Moxi Roller Skates


S1 Lifer Helmet

Color: Moxi Leopard

• Multiple Impact Certified (ASTM)

• Single High Impact Certified (CPSC)

• Deep Fit Design

Price: $59.99

Available July 5th – to order call Dan 310-464-8179