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S1 Helmets / Eric Jensen Night Tripper

We met up with Eric Jensen at his home in Vancouver. We decided to get the boy out of his comfort zone with some light downhill in the dark. Eric Jensen wears an S1 Lifer helmet.
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CJ Collins / S1 Mini Lifer Helmet

“S1 Helmets – The Best in the Biz !!!” – CJ Collins

S1 Mini Lifer Helmet

The S1 Mini Lifer is a scaled down version of the S1 Lifer Helmet.

Sizing:  Fits heads 18.5″ – 20.5″

• Multiple Impact Certified • High Impact Certified • Deep Fit Design • 5x More Protection Than Soft Foam Skate Helmets

Colors: Black Matte, Black Glitter, White, Grey Matte, Cyan Matte, Purple Matte, Pink Matte, Gold Gloss, White w/ Black Stripes coming soon!

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S1 Lifer Helmet / Juan Camilo Trujilo Botero / Colombia

“We took a day trip with Juan Camilo Trujilo Botero from Bogota, Colombia into the hillsides outside of the city. Small villages and farms led us to this technical run. Per usual there were plenty of dogs, wet patches, and cars to keep the run interesting. Juan wears the S1 Lifer Helmet.”  Alex Ameen / Filmer

This video is nuts ! Over 4 minute raw run – tropical insanity and rad music. Great job Alex and Juan.

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