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Asher Bradshaw / S1 Kid Helmet

Had to re-post this video we made a few months back. Asher just got 3rd at the Vans Combi Contest.
Asher wears the S1 Kid Helmet. The S1 Kid Helmet is easily one of the best fitting and most protective skate helmets for skateboarders with smaller heads.
Buy an S1 Kid Helmet at your local skateshop or click here to get one from the S1 Helmet Store.

Brian Cortright / S1 Lifer Helmet

What is the best helmet for longboarding you might ask? Well the answer is… The S1 Lifer Helmet. Fits great and will protect your brain up to 5x more than the soft foamy helmet you are probably wearing. Wawuh?

Buy an S1 Lifer Helmet here.

S1 Dane and Dusty

S1 riders Dane “Dean Wobbler” Webber and Dustin Hampton show you a sample of all the best runs in Malibu. Dane and Dusty wear the S1 Lifer Helmet.

Helmet Trends for 2014

Longboard Helmet trends for 2014!
Soft Foam Helmets – OUT. S1 Lifer Helmets – IN!

Norman Plante, Ian McSherry, and Sir Francis Cooper Darquea Mauro head out to the sticks to hit some of the best hairpins you’ll ever find.
All these boys are wearing S1 Lifer helmets, riding the Valhalla Master Blaster, and Cadillac Hot Pursuit Wheels.
Film and Edit by Alex Ameen
Music “Hit the Road Jack” by Ray Charles

Multiple Impact Test

We went into the Testing LAB to find out which helmets are really “Multiple Impact”