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S1 Fullface Lifer Helmet – Coming Soon !

Calvin Staub stopped in for the day in Los Angeles and didn’t bring a damn thing with him. No board, no helmet, nothing. But of course he had to skate Malibu, and not just any run, he had to skate the fastest chunderful run we have. So Kitty Cal borrowed a prototype S1 Fullface, and a board from Skate House and went out for a rip!

S1 Lifer Helmet

If you skate alot or your kids skate alot.. and you are looking for a helmet.. this is the helmet. The S1 Lifer Helmet fits low on the dome and it is fully certified. When you wear the Lifer Helmet you know you are wearing one of the safest skate helmets on the market. We designed this helmet for ourselves because we wanted a better fitting certified helmet. We recommend the S1 Lifer Helmet to family, friends and team riders. The S1 Lifer Helmet is CPSC certified (High Impact Test) and ASTM certified (Multiple Impact Test) for use while Skateboarding, Longboarding, BMX and Roller Derby. The Lifer Helmet is designed to help protect your head from multiple impacts and high impacts and to reduce the risk of concussions.

Helmet test results show that the S1 Lifer Helmet is 5x more protective than soft foam non-certified helmets.

Every batch of S1 Lifer Helmets is tested by a U.S. third party certified lab to confirm the helmets pass the CPSC high impact test and to ensure that all S1 Lifer helmets maintain the highest level of quality and safety.

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Rachel Rotten / S1 is part of my uniform

“S1 is part of my uniform.” – Rachel Rotten / Angel City Derby Girls

Great Fit + Certified Multiple Impact Protection + Certified High Impact Protection = S1 Lifer Helmet