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Going to Woodward. What helmet should I get?

Heimana Reynolds wears the S1 Lifer Helmet. It fits nice and low on the head. It is super comfy. And it offers the best overall protection from multiple impacts and high impacts. The Lifer is easily the safest helmet on the market right now. It is 5x more protective than the soft foamy helmets.

Great Fit + Best Protection = S1 Lifer Helmet

Pete Eubank and Dane Webber / 1st Descent Maguro

A road we normally drive up but have never skated down. Pete and Dane were feelin’ it this day. Pretty critical run. Had a filmer (me) on hand. So they let it roll.  Stoked. Pete and Dane wear the S1 Lifer Helmet.  - Alex Ameen

“Stoked on the footage. Nobody has filmed there really because its too frickin dangerous with all the driveways and people crossing the line all the time. I was stoked to skate it but as the name says it was a first descent.” – Pete Eubank



Angel City Derby Girls wear the S1 Lifer Helmet

A few years back we noticed that a lot of people playing Roller Derby were wearing non-certified “multiple impact” soft foam helmets and that concerned us. We have been trying to get the word out to anyone who plays Roller Derby to wear a helmet that is Certified for both Multiple and Single impacts. As concussions become more prevalent in Roller Derby the need for the proper helmet is more apparent than ever. The Angel City Derby Girls have made the switch to the S-One Lifer Helmet The S1 Lifer Helmet is certified to protect your head from multiple impacts and high impacts.