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Gavin Bottger / S1 Mini Lifer Helmet

skate-helmets“Best brain savers in the biz. Thanks!” – Gavin Bottger

Gavin wears the S1 Mini Lifer Helmet. Lab tests show that the S1 Mini Lifer Helmet is 5x more protective than traditional soft foam skate helmets.

Get one for your little ripper today!

S1 Helmets/ Brett Ciabattini / S1 Lifer Helmet

Brett comes in for round two on another Colombian favorite. San Felix is one of the longest runs in Medellin with dozens of gentle sweeping corners and a few hairpins to keep you on your toes. The run is home to a few streams that flow right over the road at low points and wildlife soaking up the warmth of the pavement creating a few additional obstacles.
Brett Ciabattini wears the S1 Lifer Helmet Ska

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