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S1 Lifer Helmet – Making Plans

S1 Riders Alex Ameen and Brandon Tissen bomb a fat downhill run on their street decks and hard wheels in Oregon, at the bottom they run into a bit of traffic. Oscar Guttierez goes for a rip on a classic narrow Colombian road. Zach Keller sends it down a Malibu favorite. All of the boys wear the S1 Lifer Helmet! Check out all of the colors at. 

S1 Lifer Helmet


About: Back in 2010 we noticed alot of Skateboarders, Longboarders, BMX riders and Roller Derby participants were getting knocked out and worse in traditional soft foam skate helmets. So we set out to make a helmet that would help protect the head better and still fit nice and deep on the head like a traditional skate helmet. We made a better, safer helmet for life long skaters.

Specs: Constructed with EPS Fusion foam • Certified Multiple Impact • Certified High Impact • 5x More Protection than regular skate helmets • Deep Fit Design so it fits low on the dome • Interchangeable sizing liners

Sizing: Available in 3 different shells

Mini Lifer Helmet:  18.5″ – 20.5″            Lifer Helmet: 20.5″ – 23.5″             Mega Lifer Helmet: 24″ +

S1 Helmets – Trusted By The Pros 

S1 Visor Lifer Helmet

COMING SOON !!! want one?

here is the link to pre-order a Lifer Visor Helmet


S1 Helmets – Part Of My Uniform – WFTDA

S1 Helmets has done a series of spots based on interviews with some of the best roller derby players in the world asking them what it means to put on their respective uniforms. Here is a compilation of those spots featuring Jackie Daniels, Scald Eagle, Stef Mainey, Midge Wilhem, Fifi Nomenon and Rachel Rotten. The S1 Lifer Helmet is part of their uniform. The Rose City Rollers, Texas Roller Girls, Denver Roller Derby, London Rollergirls and Angel City Derby Girls all rock the S1 Lifer Helmet.

Laura “Guancha” Rodriguez / S1 Lifer Helmet

Laura “Guancha” Rodriguez has been ripping in Madrid, Spain for a few years now where she lives. She was kind enough to invite us to her birthplace, a small volcanic island covered with epic runs. Laura wears the S1 “Mini” Lifer Helmet.

check out colors:
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Film/Edit: Alex Ameen
Song: “Afropocalypse” -Golden Dawn Arkestra

This video has a Pink Floyd live in Pompeii vibe – and if you watch the Pink Floyd video on youtube.. 6:40 – 8:50 is rad.