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Oscar Gutierrez / Guadalajara, Mexico / S1 Lifer Helmet

Oscar Gutierrez is a grommet from Guadalajara, Mexico who skates chunder like no other. The boy rages down his local run full of huge holes, cracks, and rocks with ease. Oscar rocks the S1 Lifer helmet when he’s not racing to help protect his growing brain from concussions.

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Juan Pablo Villegas / Medellin, Colombia / S1 Lifer Helmet

Juan Pablo Villegas is a Medellin local who loves skating the steepest, sharpest, open roads he can find. For him skating is less about perfect technique and more about survival on the insane roads near his home. Juan Pablo wears the S1 Lifer Helmet.

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Mike Frazier / S1 Lifer Helmet


Mike needed a new helmet and Scizzors said try an S1 Lifer Helmet… And the Lifer fit him perfect! So hyped ! Frazier rips! #s1lifer Photo: WadeUlrich

S1 Fullface Lifer Helmet – Coming Soon !

Calvin Staub stopped in for the day in Los Angeles and didn’t bring a damn thing with him. No board, no helmet, nothing. But of course he had to skate Malibu, and not just any run, he had to skate the fastest chunderful run we have. So Kitty Cal borrowed a prototype S1 Fullface, and a board from Skate House and went out for a rip!