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Asher Bradshaw lands a 900

Congrats to S1 Team Rider Asher Bradshaw for landing a 900. At 10 years old, he is the youngest skater ever to land the 900. Go Asher!

Asher skating Venice (S1 Helmets Edit)
Asher Bradshaw / S1 Kid Helmet

Asher skating Tony Hawks ramp (S1 Helmets edit)

S1 Lifer Helmet / Adam “Scizzors” Effertz

Scizzors- Field report from Miami 06/02/14

“Reason I share the following is to give credit to a great company for making a great product. I really wish I could stop putting their product to the test, but slamming is just an inescapable part of skating. I hung up on a backside air yesterday sending me to the flat, leaving me laid out. Was a little woozy, but no headache, no blurred vision. S1 Helmets´╗┐ Lifer’s hard foam took the impact dispersing the energy and cracked like it’s supposed to. Bruised shoulder, swellbow, possibly bruised ribs under peck, sore neck, but all that will heal in time, just glad that when I move my head around today I’m not feeling bruising in my brain and for that I’m forever grateful to S-One and the Lifer helmet.” – Adam Effertz aka Scizzors.
best-skateboard-helmet copy

watch scizzors rip. s1 commercial from last year.

S1 Lifer Helmet / Santa Barbara Sessions

Riders: Cory “Little Creek” Hirschman, Sir Francis Cooper Darquea Mauro, and Sam “Unwise” Hay
Film and Edit: Alex “Bad Decision” Ameen
Song: “Madison Square” -Lettuce