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Lester Kasai Turns 50!

All the skaters from the late 70’s  / early 80’s are either turning 50 soon or have turned 50. If you really think about it – it is really amazing that these guys can skate on this level at age 50. Unreal. Super inspiring. A whole generation that was raised on concrete skateparks (like Skate City in Torrance) was super hyped when concrete parks started being built again in the early 2000’s.

Lester wears the S1 Lifer Helmet. (the S1 Lifer helmet – worn by lifers)

Lester celebrated his 50th Birthday with a fun session with lifelong friends at the Vans Skatepark in Huntington Beach.

Jake Golden – Dream Sesh at Arto Saari’s Bowl


” I got to visit Arto Saari’s backyard bow! l was really lucky that Arto, the legendary skater and photographer, took some these cool shots of me shredding the bowl. His bowl is so cool and Arto is the best – big thanks to Neal Mims for making these special moments happen for us kids. In the pictures I am wearing my S1 Lifer Helmet, the only helmet I trust to keep me safe! ” – Jake Golden

S1 Helmets / Oscar and Miguel / Summerland

S1 Team members Oscar Gutierrez and Miguel Azanza traveled all of the way from Guadalajara, Mexico to Summerland, British Columbia for GHF this year. They skipped a day on the course to go explore other runs surrounding the lake and on the east side found some gems! Oscar wears the Lifer and Miguel wears the Mega Lifer Helmet to fit his particularly large dome. Buy a Lifer Here