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Chela !

Chela wears the S1 Mini Lifer Helmet

video by Alex Ameen

William Royce / S1 Lifer Helmet

Will Royce has a fascination with latin countries. Maybe it’s the cheap beer, the lack of traffic laws, or the women, but most likely all three. During his most recent visit to Colombia he went for a rip down Pablo Escobar’s driveway. During a wet run Alex Ameen ran over and snapped his board in half. Like a true warrior Bill finished the run regardless.

Will wears the S1 Lifer Helmet Color: Cyan Matte MSRP: $54.99

The S1 Lifer Helmet is 5x more protective than traditional soft foam skate helmets.

Interesting info: this video had 500k views on in less than 24 hours. And it had 8000 shares and 1,000 comments. That is alot of views for an S1 video.

S1 Helmets/ Brett Ciabattini / S1 Lifer Helmet

Brett comes in for round two on another Colombian favorite. San Felix is one of the longest runs in Medellin with dozens of gentle sweeping corners and a few hairpins to keep you on your toes. The run is home to a few streams that flow right over the road at low points and wildlife soaking up the warmth of the pavement creating a few additional obstacles.
Brett Ciabattini wears the S1 Lifer Helmet Ska

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S1 Lifer Helmet / Skateboarding one of the steepest roads in the world

Posted: 2/22/16

Brett Ciabattini handling this Colombian beast with style and speed. Watch till the end… Unreal. Filmed/ Edited: Alex Ameen

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S1- Bucaramanga

Down in Colombia Alex Ameen and Chela Giraldo have started up a new skate house. Here they have been exploring the jungles in search of unique and never before seen downhill runs. One such run was discovered on after a 9 hour road trip to the north eastern corner of the country, Bucaramanga. Here they found a pair of twin sister roads in a valley. Both sides stacked with rough hairpin sets and scorching heat. They brought with them Gringo Boy Cooper Darquea who has been visiting the house, and Medellin local slayer Felipe Marin.

all wearing S1 Lifer Helmets.