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Laura “Guancha” Rodriguez / S1 Lifer Helmet

Laura “Guancha” Rodriguez has been ripping in Madrid, Spain for a few years now where she lives. She was kind enough to invite us to her birthplace, a small volcanic island covered with epic runs. Laura wears the S1 “Mini” Lifer Helmet.

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Film/Edit: Alex Ameen
Song: “Afropocalypse” -Golden Dawn Arkestra

This video has a Pink Floyd live in Pompeii vibe – and if you watch the Pink Floyd video on youtube.. 6:40 – 8:50 is rad.

S1 Lifer Helmet / Sondre Selander

In the frigid Northlands of Norway, Sondre Selander charges though tunnels and chunderous hairpins. Sondre wears the S1 Lifer Helmet.

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S1 Lifer Helmets / Quentin Gachot and Brad Perala in Boone, North Carolina

First and foremost us say that North Carolina is the worst place in the world for downhill skateboarding. Don’t even visit, it’s not worth it, just go visit Malibu instead. Despite the sub par hills we managed to scrape together this edit of California boy Quentin Gachot and NC local Brad Perala for our newest S1 Lifer Helmet video. Buy a Lifer at

#s1lifer #trustedbythepros #s1helmets film and edit by Alex Ameen / S1 Helmet Company

Will Seal and Phil Skaar / Steep Grades and Tight Hairpins

North Carolina is home to some of the steepest grades and tightest hairpins in the US. Check S1 Riders Will Seal and Phil Skaar ripping one of their local favorites. Buy an S1 Lifer Helmet here

S1 Helmets / Eric Jensen Night Tripper

We met up with Eric Jensen at his home in Vancouver. We decided to get the boy out of his comfort zone with some light downhill in the dark. Eric Jensen wears an S1 Lifer helmet.
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