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The S1 Lifer Helmet Saved My Life

Hey Chris, Austin from AZPush down in Tucson, we havent talked in awhile, but I thought I’d shoot you an email. I was at the skatepark
saturday morning, attempting to learn how to drop in, ate shit, and landed with pretty much my full falling force on the back of my head (luckily i got it on camera, here is a gif I made of it!h). Thankfully i was wearing your guys’ Lifer helmet, and it took it like a champ (check out the crack, this doesnt even do it justice. I got up and walked away from it with an ever so slight concussion, instead of having to be rushed to the ER. So i just wanted to say thank you so much for making amazing helmets, and keep up the good work. Im so thankful i was wearing mine.

-Austin Paine
AZPush President

Austin was wearing the S1 Lifer Helmet. The Lifer is constructed with EPS Fusion Foam and it is designed to protect your head from multiple impacts and high impacts. It is the safest skateboard helmet on the market. Great Fit + Best Protection = S1 Lifer Helmet. Buy one here.

Nic Escamilla


“The Lifer is certified for multiple impacts and high impacts. I am stoked on that. And it fits awesome!”– Nic Escamilla

Ari Chamasmany


“Cause apart from it’s rad fit, ti’s CPSC certified, which means I can ride knowing it’s gonna keep my dome piece, in one piece, if I crash.” – Ari Chamasmany

Pete Eubank


“The Lifer fits like a dream.” – Pete Eubank

Alex Ameen


“The Lifer is plain and simple everything I want out of a half shell. It looks rad, it fits well, and its got nice beefy hard foam to save my brain! The hard foam really stands up even to a lot of full face foams out there which is why I use The Lifer in all of my Aerolids.”  -Alex Ameen