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Longboarding Testimonials

Nic Escamilla


“The Lifer is certified for multiple impacts and high impacts. I am stoked on that. And it fits awesome!”– Nic Escamilla

Ari Chamasmany


“Cause apart from it’s rad fit, ti’s CPSC certified, which means I can ride knowing it’s gonna keep my dome piece, in one piece, if I crash.” – Ari Chamasmany

Pete Eubank


“The Lifer fits like a dream.” – Pete Eubank

Alex Ameen


“The Lifer is plain and simple everything I want out of a half shell. It looks rad, it fits well, and its got nice beefy hard foam to save my brain! The hard foam really stands up even to a lot of full face foams out there which is why I use The Lifer in all of my Aerolids.”  -Alex Ameen