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S1 Lifer Helmets – Instock Color List (January 2014)


S1 Lifer Helmets
The safest skate helmets are now available in the following colors:

Black Matte W/ Green Straps $49.99
Navy Matte $49.99
Cyan Matte $49.99
Maroon Matte $49.99
Metallic Gold $49.99
Kelly Green Matte $49.99
Orange Matte $49.99
Hot Pink Matte $49.99
Purple Matte $49.99

S1 Lifer Helmet Collabs:
Eddie “El Gato” Elguera $54.99
Krooked Skateboards $60
Skate House Watermelon $60
Misfits $54.99
Cult $54.99

Chris Doyle is glad he was wearing an S1 Lifer Helmet

We test every batch of S1 Lifer Helmets we make. Every batch! The EPS Fusion Foam is the stuff that protects your head. And if the EPS Fusion Foam is blended wrong it is the difference of protecting your head or not protecting your head. That is why you don’t want to buy just any old hard foam CPSC certified helmet. We stay on top of our production because people’s lives are at risk.

You put your life into a helmet maker’s hands. Remember that when you buy a helmet. Do you trust the brand? Are they are too new to understand the pitfalls of helmet production? Are they too big and more profit driven?

S1 is a safety driven helmet company.


Chris Doyle was wearing an S1 Lifer Helmet and hit his head super hard. He didn’t get knocked out and he had no post concussion syndrome. So hyped!

Mark Mulville for S1 Helmets

Proud to welcome Mark to the BMX Team. Cheers to a radical 2014!
“I love my S1″ – Mark Mulville

ask your local bike shop for the S1 Lifer Helmet or buy one from the S1 Helmet Store.